Tuesday, 29 September 2009

FRANK water - if bottled water can be good...

...then this is it.
For every litre of FRANK you buy, they develop 200 litres worth of clean water projects in India. Which makes a bit of a mockery of Volvic's 10 for 1 campaign earlier in the year. But more importantly, FRANK are trying to phase out bottled water altogether, encouraging people to use tap water where possible... and they're also campaigning for clean water wherever they can. This led one of their number to take part in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships recently, putting in a heroic performance which culminated in using a FRANK filter to render the bog water drinkable.

I'll be carrying my FRANK bottle on my bike on Sunday with pride.


  1. We discovered Belu recently http://www.belu.org/ - they sell bottled water, but the bottle is made of corn and can be composted. They claim their product to be the UK's first carbon neutral bottled water and their profits go to clean water projects. They're also working on a tap water system for use in hotels, restaurants and businesses that provides an alternative to bottle use altogether.

  2. Dear Eco Ironman!

    Hope your training is going well. Trying to find your e-mail adress or telephone number, as I was wondering if we could interview you for the UN's www.coolplanet2009.org webpage?

    This is a great project, and we would love to highlight it for our readers.

    My e-mail: skaar@unric.org

    Let me know!