Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The last big weekend is done...

Less than three weeks to go, and we're basically into the taper from here. For those not in the know, the gist is that with an event as intense as an ironman, even the training can deplete your body pretty dramatically, so you start to ease off a reasonable time before the event so that you're in peak condition on the day.

Not that I'm pretending to be massively scientific about this... I have read one or two books on the subject though!

Either way, the last weekend was a big one. 112 miles on the bike on Friday, 3 miles in the pool and 10 running on Saturday, and then 20 mile run on Sunday. So in total, a little over the full distance, but split over 3 days. Enough to make me realise just how far this event is. Still, I've survived the meat of the training (touch wood) without illness or injury, so with luck I can at least focus on making it to the finish line rather than whether or not I'll make it to the start!

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