Sunday, 27 September 2009

Slovenia - not a bad place for a finishing camp

This was taken yesterday morning, after I swam a couple of laps around the island of the Church of the Ascension in Lake Bled, Slovenia. Absolutely stunning place, which goes for the rest of the country as well... I've spent the last week hiking and biking in the Kamnik Alps while acting as groupie for my girlfriend on a young leaders' climate change conference. Quite the couple.

It was an interesting location for an environmental conference, not least because the Slovenian way of life appears to be a lot more dependent on local resilience than anywhere else in Europe that I've witnessed, particularly when it comes to food. Pretty much everywhere, even in the capital Ljubljana, everyone seems to have a little plot of land and be growing their own food. Transition Towns eat your heart out - these guys are really on it.

Mind you, hard not to have a bit of respect for nature when you live in a place like this.

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  1. Good luck Jon. Been following your updates. Slovenia looks beautiful. Perhaps I'll go there to do some training for my 10k... haha.