Thursday, 3 September 2009

Some more like-minded souls...

It seems the cause is not quite as lonely as it seemed - perhaps we are on our way to a significant shift in the world of sport after all...

Toby Radcliffe, who's just a little bit better than me, is trying to take a similar theme up the pro triathlon ranks. He's got his own pages here, so keep an eye on him, and give him a cheer if you see him.

He's working with Athletes for a Fit Planet, an American gang who have as their tagline, 'greening the planet one race at a time'. That's my kind of ambition.

What are they working on? Well, for a start, the EDF Energy Birmingham Half Marathon, in October this year, which EDF are calling 'the race against climate change'. The aim is to make it the first certified (using US standards) 'green' race in the UK.

The world is turning.

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  1. Cool project - is there any way we can ask you a few questions? E-mail, phone? We'll put you on UN's web page!:)

    Kristin Marie Skaar
    UNRIC, Brussels