Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bring it on...

Jesus. I´m about to do a 140 mile race in a day. That´s a stupidly long way.

It´s funny how these things only occur to you when it´s a little bit too late!

Calella is an odd sort of place, bit of a dive of the Costa Brava really, but out of season not bad at all, and the beach is beautiful. The clientele around the pool at our hotel are an amusing mix of fat Brits and Germans, draping their copious guts across their flag towels in the sun, and hardcore athletes of all nationalities, talking nervously in clusters of 2 and 3 in the shade. It´s a slightly uncomfortable mix, but quite entertaining to look down on from a balcony. Humans are an odd species, in many ways!

Biggest prospective concern is the heat. It´s looking like being about 25-27 degrees tomorrow, which is about 10 degrees hotter than my ginger complexion is particularly keen on. But I suppose an unseasonably cold day would have been mildly inappropriate given I´m doing this partly to raise awareness of climate change among athletes...

Well, I suppose this is it pre-race! I´ll update as soon as I physically can - I start at 8.40am local time, so with a following wind will aim to be done by 9pm (arrghh - 12 hours!!!!). Thanks to everyone who´s texted, emailed etc to wish me luck, and thanks hugely to everyone who´s sponsored me so far. Given I´m now as machine-like in physical fitness as I´ll ever be, I´ll leave the final words to the mighty Arnie.

Hasta la vista... baby.

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  1. Oh Jon - good luck with this! We're all delighted to be associated with you and are indebted to you for raising awareness of the work of the Wilderness Foundation UK.

    All best wishes

    Jo, Richard and the team at WFUK