Saturday, 25 July 2009

Heart-warming moment...

Yesterday I put a post on the Evening Standard message board under the article about me, mainly because a few folk were having a pop and I wanted to show that I could take it (much as I appreciate my best mate's mum wading in and having a good pop on my behalf - go Eileen!)... and today, it was nice to see one of the first of the critics receiving my words in the spirit they were intended. Just goes to show, if you're nice, people are nice to you. Pop along to the article and scroll to the bottom. Would be nice to meet Bob H, he sounds like a good fella.

On a less positive note, I'm really struggling to find decent kit to do the actual event in. Apparently there are massive problems inherent in the making of lycra, which is a bummer. Not quite sure what I'm going to do about that one. Plus my shoulder's pretty sore, though the physio I went to see yesterday knows his stuff, so hopefully will be sorted soon. And to cap it off, there's only one eco-hotel in the whole of Spain, and obviously it's not on the Costa Brava (rather surprisingly, it's on the Costa Blanca!). Hmm.

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