Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wetsuits and tri kit

This is getting frustrating. After the initial burst of good fortune, and finding out some really interesting stuff on shoes and bikes, I seem to have come to a dead halt when it comes to wetsuits and tri gear.

I find this really surprising, as I would have thought that wetsuits in particular would be the easiest thing to find. Swim wetsuits and surf wetsuits aren't a million miles apart, and you'd have thought that surfers (what with surfers against sewage, and so on) would be some of the first athletes onto the green revolution. However, it's almost impossible to find anything out - none of the swim wetsuit companies openly declare what materials their suits are made from, and so even though there seem to be non-petroleum based materials like geoprene available, it's impossible to tell whether anyone's using them... which says to me that they're not.

If anyone knows anyone who can help me get started on this, I'd really appreciate it. Not quite sure where to turn from here.

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  1. Mate, try these guys, they make eco clothing and love surfing. they might be able to help