Monday, 13 July 2009

It's not easy being green...

This is a phrase that's increasingly becoming a dull truism, but sometimes you get reminded of it in ways that really are hard to ignore.

I spent this weekend down in Cornwall, training hard - 150km on the bike through the Cornish hills on Friday, then long walks on Saturday and Sunday, as the aim at the moment is all about getting my body used to being in constant exercise for long periods of time.

While I was there, I spent some time at the Eden Project, Tim Smits' spectacular creation, conjured from a bleak disused quarry site. It was truly impressive, and inspiring... but...

Eden's greatest success is also its greatest failing. They are so keen to take an even-handed view of everything that I ended up feeling like I didn't know what I could do about it all. The arguments for and against biofuels (low carbon vs potential deforestation) were arguments I knew about already; what I hadn't for some reason realised was that soya crops were part of the same issue. Which means even veggie burgers are something you have to be really careful about sourcing - going veggie isn't the simple solution it seems!

This is a small thing really, but when I put it together with the issues I'm having trying to source equipment that I can believe in just to do a triathlon, it all adds up to feeling quite intimidating. And if I, a committed greenie, feel like that, what are others going to think? Hmm. Maybe I'm just tired from not having slept on the overnight train - will try to make my next entry a bit more upbeat!

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