Thursday, 9 July 2009


...are the biggest fear with a project like this. I've had some unfortunate injuries in the past, nearly missing the 2002 boat race with a back/rib injury that's never really properly gone away. It's a harsh reminder sometimes, you can do all the training you want, but if your body gives up on you, or something unfortunate happens and you just tweak something, that can be it.

Having these slightly doomful thoughts today because my shoulder is for some reason causing absolute agony - had an abortive attempt at swimming this morning, after a week focussed on the run, and it really wasn't a good idea. Not sure what I've done to it, as it felt pretty much fine a couple of days ago, but one to keep an eye on. Don't want to be making faces like the Danish lad who binned out of the Tour with a broken wrist yesterday!

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