Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Going to get started on the shoes while I wait for a reply from the bike folk (might try going straight to Calfee Design if I don't hear a response in the next day or so, have learned from the Evening Standard that the makers are the ones to talk to really).
Surprisingly, I think this is going to be the most difficult one, though I've got a few leads to start with. The problem is that to run marathon distance (and train for it), I really need to make sure I've got the right support - but the big guys are all big corporates, with fairly impenetrable CSR information. Had some encouraging words from Tim though:
One additional and to me obvious strand is in the eco credentials of whichever brand produces your kit (shoes, trackie etc). Nike as you know took a massive battering over labour standards, they are all competing to look good in that area. No idea what additional eco questions they are asking, nor whether supply chain issues come within your thinking on ‘eco’ but I think it would be interesting to explore.
Of course, when you are talking with the various companies about their supply chain and eco issues – you don’t need at that point to promise to wear their kit. Support is going to be key at the end of the day – but you can still get them thinking quite a lot in the meantime?
Will see what I can do...

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